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abril et nature

Reinventing Hair Care

abril et nature was created with the idea of revolutionizing the cosmetology industry through the use of stem cells in hair care.

These products set themselves apart thanks to the high level of technology and quality ingredients, which provide amazing results thanks to the constant research and innovations in hair care.

Stem Cell BioTech for Hair Care

  • Bioactive ingredients enhance hair rejuvenation.
  • Capable of penetrating the cuticle to the cortex.
  • Reconstructing the internal bonds of the hair creating strength, moisture, and resilience.

What Comes in Your Kit?

Item# Product Description Qty Price
ABR1005 Finishing Spray Age Reset Botox Ef. 6.76 oz. 1 $10.50
ABR1062 Spray Corrective 6.76 oz. 1 $14.85
ABR1040 Thermal Treatment Spray 6.76 oz. 1 $7.90
TEC481 L’effetto Memoria Spray 10 oz 1 $11.45
TEC1874 L’effetto Creativo 10.1 oz 1 $11.45
  Regular Price

Our Commitment to Cosmetology Students

We understand the struggle of being a cosmetology student, because once upon a time our founder was a cosmo-student. That’s why we’re committed to offering student pricing so we can support your growth.

All student kits are equipped with the necessary tools to aid in your success in this competitive industry.

Shipping or Pickup

Get a discounted rate on shipping ($10 flat-rate), or select ‘Local Pickup’ and save on shipping by visiting us in-store. We’re conveniently located down the street from the Citadel Outdoor Mall.

Store Address

Caesar’s Professional Products, 6677 E 26th St, Commerce, CA 90040

Student Price: $45.99
Regular Price: $56.15
You Save: $10.16